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Welcome to my new site! You can learn about some interesting, inspiring facts about Finland to get an idea about life here. Exchanging views, ideas, thoughts, feelings, ways of living and stories, has always been beneficiary for societies around the world that want to move further and improve. We learn from each other.

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Every person on earth has been affected by COVID19 in one way or another and more or less. Some people have lost beloved family members because of it, while in some countries people are not allowed to go outside. Others, lost their jobs and most of us, stopped travelling abroad. As you know from my…

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Finnish people and flirt

So, you may have heard of some stereotypes about finish people. They are usually perceived as “cold”, distant, with no emotions and not so talkative.It’s not completely true. Finnish people are actually friendly, social and emotional. They just express themselves in a different way than what warmer, southern countries are used of. They can also…

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Finnish Education and Society

Well, you’ve probably already heard that Finland has one of the best educational and social systems in the world. It’s true. As a teacher, who hates the way traditional* schools work, but believes in the higher values of a trully inclusive, intercultural, equal, public and free education for all, in a way that opens wings,…

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Have you ever seen a ‘perfect’ snowflake? Do you even know how snow looks like from really close?

I didn’t, until I came to Finland.

Take a closer look.


Magic is everywhere around us. But, sometimes, all we need to see it is… a Macro lens. 😉

This is how snow looks from really close. The first photo is a drop of water, frozen. So, it’s ice.

The element of water… who knew that it looks so magnificent. We are more than 70% water. Can you see something from yourself in any of those pictures?

~ ‘As is the micro, is the macro‘ ~

Look all those details.. take a moment to feel and embrace the majesty of nature. Life is full of beauty.

Nature, Science and Art . Art, Science and Nature.

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